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RiseJet’s charter services can be adapted to suit you. We fly to hundreds of destinations in Australia and can also arrange international connections with the help of our partners.

Private Plane Charter Australia
Private Jet Charter Australia

Leisure Travel

RiseJet offers leisure travel services to take you anywhere in Australia. Our destinations include the most bustling cities and hidden outback gems.

We can help you see the Sydney Opera House one day and Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef the next.

Our departures and times can be arranged around your travel plans to make sure your group travels together when you want.

Our aircraft also have the ability to carry luggage, sporting equipment and all the things that make travel comfortable for you.

Corporate Travel

RiseJet can plan short trips with tight turnaround times. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to make immediate plans or arrange multi-leg journeys.

We fly to all major cities as well as regional destinations in all corners of the country.

Our on-ground and in-flight services can be as private as you wish. Our aircraft are fully equipped so you can work in the air or rest between appointments.

VIP Travel

RiseJet can arrange charter services for any VIPs. As well as having access to Australia’s premier cities, we can also fly you to ultimate destinations including Hamilton Island, Barnbougle and the Gold Coast.

Our on-ground and in-flight hospitality can make your travel as memorable as your destination and our aircraft are fully-equipped to provide a luxurious journey.

Your entire trip will be seamless and give you and experiences no other air travel options can match.